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Assessing COVID-19 as a Force Majeure event

This in-house / GC focused flowchart is designed to help you assess whether a contract’s force majeure clause (or lack thereof) can be triggered as a result of the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this so complicated?

 The playbook focuses on key details - from catch-all clauses to foreseeability. Whether you buy or supply, Force Majeure is not straightforward. For example, you might find that a force majeure clause is missing a key component or is written in a way that creates ambiguity or conflict.  In particular, the list of force majeure events can be tricky.

Performance Release Trigger
Full List of Events

‚ÄćCatch-all Language
Notification Obligations
Mitigation Requirements

What is DocJuris and why are you providing this guide?

DocJuris is a software platform that streamlines the review, redlining, and negotiation of contracts before they reach signature.  Our negotiation tools empower legal teams to save two hours on every contract negotiation and reduce catastrophic risk along the way.

I think we can all agree that there are lessons to be learned when it comes to our contract negotiations, and the situation has been more than catastrophic for individuals, communities, and businesses.

We hope that this guide underscores the importance (and pain) of contract negotiation.  We also believe this phase of the contract lifecycle needs a deep dive and sorely underserved.

Does DocJuris provide legal advice?

No.  DocJuris is a software platform and works closely with law firms to deliver solutions to our in-house customers.  You will notice that our flowchart has various "pit stops" where advice from counsel may be needed.

We plan to update this page with links to various law firms that might be able to assist you.

Why not write a few paragraphs?

Having a practical flowchart will serve as a great desk guide for assessing the viability of a force majeure clause during this COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the webinar about?

DocJuris is providing group demos to select clients. Please reach out - we would love to coordinate a time that works best for your team.

How can we get in touch for questions or concerns?

We love feedback. Please click our "Contact Us" button above to reach out.