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Enterprise SaaS Negotiations

"As a software company in the cloud, using apps that enable us to redline and negotiate through a modern web browser is the future of enterprise SaaS deals"
Creighton Miles
Sales Operations
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How DocJuris Helps:

In an evolving world of SaaS sales, DocJuris enables software companies to close deals faster.

Enterprise SaaS contracts take time and significant effort to negotiate. Many product led companies are able to use click-through, but most enterprise buyers require an in-depth review process involving complex negotiations relating to data privacy, intellectual property, and security. In some cases, larger enterprise buyers draft their own MSA and software agreements, resulting in weeks to months in negotiation time.

Challenges & Solutions

Enterprise SaaS Negotiations
  • Customers demand varying data privacy and security provisions
  • Clunky workflow in Word or PDF based negotiations slow down deals and create friction
  • Knowledge on how to negotiate enterprise terms are stuck in one silo (or in one head)
  • Enterprise negotiations on client paper or heavy edits to templates are confusing and complex
  • High risk issues are difficult to consistently flag in software deals (e.g., termination for convenience)
  • Instantly provides alternatives and relevant fallbacks
  • Converts PDF POs and enables redlining of locked Word documents
  • Seamless integration into CRMs/CLMs allow efficient document collaboration on the web in track changes
  • Quick assessment for faster sales processes demanded by SaaS businesses on the sell or buy side
  • Empowers customer success teams to comply with post-signature obligations

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