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High Risk Contract Negotiations

"More consistent contract review in a fraction of the time"
Josh McMorrow
General Counsel
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How DocJuris Helps:

DocJuris' playbook model is designed to empower legal, procurement, and sales with the review and redlining of high-risk contracts in the energy, logistics, and construction space.

The underlying contracts that enable energy operations are complex and risk-prone. Complex knock-for-knock indemnities, environmental warranties, and compliance issues require significant time and effort to address at scale. In many cases, an operator or a service provider may require you to negotiate on their terms and conditions attached to a PO or on a form of master services agreement. DocJuris combines human intelligence with transactional tools to accelerate deal flow and risk reduction.

Challenges & Solutions

High Risk Contract Negotiations
  • Low volume but high risk contracts are difficult to train AI
  • Operator MSAs and PO terms and conditions
  • Complex and risk indemnity issues (e.g., "knock for knock")
  • Varying negotiation leverage due to commodity prices
  • Training new hires and business teams
  • Immediate turnaround requirements
  • Rules based system stages up review frameworks in less than 1-2 weeks
  • Analyzes customer paper - PDFs and locked Word docs
  • Flags high risk issues including catastrophic loss and environmental indemnities
  • Identifies creative examples and fallbacks generated by a team
  • Empowers business teams to perform first pass on RFPs
  • Decreases negotiation time by over two hours

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