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Technology and Indirect Procurement Negotiations

"DocJuris reduces friction at the most critical process step between procurement and legal"
Jan Miles
Procurement Contracts Administrator
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How DocJuris Helps:

With DocJuris, procurement and legal teams work together to increase efficiency and decrease risk during RFI/RFP processes via tactical tools that get the job done.

Procurement is a complicated and mission critical function of most medium to large businesses. It makes businesses more competitive and impacts the bottom line. Contracts with vendors are a particular pain point across industries - from the RFI to the final redlined contract, legal and procurement spend weeks to months on contract review.

Challenges & Solutions

Technology and Indirect Procurement Negotiations
  • Large volume of low and high risk procurement contracts requiring review
  • Legal resources have limited time to review legal terms across the supply spectrum
  • Third party technology agreements, PDFs, and locked documents are difficult and time-consuming to review
  • Little visibility into data analytics that can improve templates and forms
  • High risks emanate from lower risk contracts that are overseen or fly under the radar
  • Quickly screen third party software agreements (SaaS and licensing) for warranty issues, use restrictions, and more
  • Optimize legal resources by deploying rule-driven playbooks
  • RFP redline explorer to quickly group and scan vendor redlines into a unique pivot table
  • Pulls data on the frequency of fallbacks or time spent in key areas of contracts
  • Lower risk contracts are quickly screened and addressed for the top issues

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