📣 contract negotiation GLOSSARY

Blackline vs. Redline

Blackline vs. redline. NTD. Turns. Bust. You’ve just been invited to a contract negotiation. You feel confident, prepared, and ready. With your metaphorical red pen in hand, you feel sure that nothing will hold you back from making all the edits and suggestions necessary to improve this draft.

Nothing, that is, but these weird phrases lurking in the margins of your contract collaboration software.

NTD? Turns? Redlines? Bust? What do all of these terms mean, and why are they being used here?

More importantly, how can you make sure you’re using these terms correctly, so you come across as the competent, capable professional that you know you are when you start redlining the contract?

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Blackling vs. Redlining Negotiation Glossary