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Discover the most powerful contract authoring software—learning from your past contracts, simplifying your present negotiations, and maximizing your team’s collaborations.

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Close more agreements, with less disagreements.

Put your playbooks and past contracts to work, so you spend less time on the routine work and more time on the essential work.

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Automate amendments.

contract automation software

Upload a contract (PDFs included), mark it up, and export an amendment. DocJuris automatically takes care of time-draining formatting and mental gymnastics from redline → amendment.

Whether a customer is requesting exception tables, extending terms, or your team needs self-service, DocJuris contract management tools will expedite legal ops and save time and resources.

Automate amendments with DocJuris
An analytics driven contract management solution

Harness that data.

See what’s taking up your resources — internally and externally.

Develop rich analytics and actionable metrics that allow you to report on core aspects of your authoring and improve forms and negotiation outcomes.

Capture contract analytics during negotiation

Work in any language.

Not in English? Not a problem. Operate globally as a procurement collaboration tool.

Leverage the DocJuris multi-lingual interface to process and interpret contracts in any language. Any user can also set the DocJuris interface in their native language.

Mark up contracts in any language, anywhere

Launch in hours, not months.

Leverage low-code contract automation software, data integrations, and e-signature platforms to build a truly flexible and open platform and easily integrates with your CLM and all the enterprise apps you already use.

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