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Fill out this simple self assessment and receive a scorecard on how your contract review, redlining, and collaboration process stacks up against industry leaders.

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What is a contract negotiation workflow score?

At DocJuris, we've researched, analyzed, and discussed contract negotiation processes at thousands of companies world-wide. In our discovery, we found several key insights that drive efficiency inc ontract lifecycles. These specific processes revolve around review, negotiation, and redlining.

Why Pre-Signature?

Otherwise known as the “last mile of contracting,” research globally confirms that pre-signature and negotiation workflow is the most expensive, risk-prone, and time-consuming phase of the contract lifecycle. To that end, this survey is designed with these factors in mind.

How do I increase my score?

We're happy to discuss each of the 10 questions in this survey with greater granularity with your team.

How are scores calculated?

DocJuris utilizes a proprietary scoring system based on cycle time, ROI, and other risks including litigation data. These data points have been researched using publicly available information. We also take into account other respondents to the assessment.

What do we do next?

The 10 questions are based on key factors that drive risk and time at a company. At DocJuris, we’ve addressed each of these questions with specific features that are uniquely packaged into a single platform for contract redlining. Often, many find that this survey bridges a key understanding of the contract lifecycle, and it unlocks a series of tactical actions as a takeaway.

Our recommendation: jump on a complimentary discovery call with a member of DocJuris’ solution and product team. We’ll provide a consultation and discuss key strategies and opportunities to improve or validate your score.