Results of Contract Negotiation Operations Survey

Download the report! Remote and Digital Contracting is on the Rise, and legal teams are seeking to improve the way contracts are negotiated.

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Summary of Results

With remote and digital work on the rise, legal teams are seeking to improve the way contracts are done. In a DocJuris survey of 50 companies with central legal functions . . .

47% are discovering more friction

Third party contracts

Contract management systems do not adequately handle the intake, review, and negotiation of third-party contracts.


Legal functions struggle to efficiently convert and redline PDF contracts.

Early assessment

With rising demand for faster contract review, internal business clients are pressing to deliver first pass review quickly (e.g.,RFPs).

81% find playbooks to be a challenge to develop and maintain

Access to examples

Practitioners struggle with finding information whileworking remote, and team members are not readily available (e.g., sharing best practices).


Leadership spends too much time on training, as existing playbooks are unwieldy and difficult to use (e.g., ~30 pages and less access to multiple monitors).

MicrosoftWord . . .

Is where data goes to die.  Almost all legal departments with contracting functions lose valuable insights when redlines are saved to a sea of file directories.

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