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Office Lease Playbook Template

Office leases can vary in frequency but are a guaranteed contract type that needs review. Depending on the scope of the lease (gross vs. net), tenants and landlords will look to negotiate key concepts that are not typically standard - from parking to fixturization periods.  The initial version will be written heavily in favor of the landlord. Usually, larger companies will have an in-house function, but more often than not, a company with a few core facilities will send these agreements to outside counsel. Look for an initial letter of intent followed by a complex document.

Issue & Concept List
  • Market Terms (Determination of Amount of Rent and Escalation Rates)
  • Early Entry and Fixturization Period
  • Access
  • Light, Air, or View Easement
  • Landlord’s Repair Obligations
  • Alternative Parking Access
  • Force Majeure Coverage
  • Security
  • Foreclosing Procedures
  • Subleasing
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