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DocJuris speeds up contracting, delivers redlines with precision and consistency, and empowers teams to negotiate effectively using better playbooks.

How DocJuris Works

What We Do

We solve the pain of contract review. The average Fortune 500 company reviews and negotiates 5,000+ contracts annually.

That adds up to 25,000+ hours spent redlining, comparing, and tracking contracts with thousands of unproductive hours lost in activities that could otherwise be streamlined or automated.

Easily configure and organize your playbooks, contract policies, and business issues in DocJuris.

Instantly compare, redline, negotiate, and track turns to your contracts in a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Automatically convert PDFs, prepare edits, and export a perfectly formatted Microsoft Word .docx.

Get reviews out in 10 minutes, leverage lower cost personnel, and control risk.

How It Works

Legal teams love DocJuris because it solves real pain points and empowers users to quickly work past tedious and mundane tasks.

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Define and categorize contract policies and negotiation standards in DocJuris' platform. Empower your users to define drafter's notes, commentary, and all levels of contracting strategy.


Review any contract and quickly apply preferred positions, fallbacks, external commentary, and other business issues.  Works with third party contracts or edits to your form of agreement.

Contract Proposal
Preferred Position
Settlement Agreement

Work with your team to iterate, improve, and optimize the knowledge-base to help new hires and improve negotiation outcomes.

This alternative language was approved by Christine after the new McMillen case.
Thanks!  I'll update the drafter's note and preferred provision moving forward.

Quick Wins

Spend less time on the mundane, and decrease litigation and settlement costs as a result.

contracts per year
minutes spent reviewing, redlining, commenting, and negotiating a contract today
reduction in enterprise legal cost through optimizations via DocJuris
*average hourly rate of $85 per in-house counsel; 75% reduction in contract negotiation time

"More consistent contract review in a fraction of the time"

VP, Chief Counsel

"DocJuris greatly assists in improving contract negotiation skills and the eventual outcomes"

VP, General Counsel
Retired - Swift Energy / Petrocorp

"I see immediate time saving opportunities with DocJuris"

General Counsel
Siltstone Capital

"It's clear that DocJuris was built by lawyers"

Iterate, improve, and optimize your corporate contract knowledge.
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Do more.
Work smarter.
Spend less.

DocJuris helps contract reviewers and negotiators focus on what matters most.

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