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Streamline redlining of high risk contracts, prepare docs with precision, and empower teams with dynamic contract playbooks.

On average, Fortune 500 companies review and negotiate 5,000+ contracts annually. That adds up to 25,000+ hours spent redlining, comparing, and tracking contracts with thousands of unproductive hours lost.

Contract Negotiation SoftwareContract Redlining

"More consistent contract review in a fraction of the time"

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"Algorithm enabled playbooking is the next big advancement in contracting"

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"When it comes to drafting and redlining, they've thought of everything"

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"It's clear that DocJuris was built by lawyers"

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How it Works

Practitioner focused. HI > AI.

Empower legal, sales, and procurement

State-of-the-art contract editor allows teams to collaborate and edit contracts in track-changes, all in the web.

Reduce risk in negotiations

Each contract review is paired with a knowledge pane consisting of policies, playbooks, and precedent.

Stop time-draining tasks

Redlines PDFs and locked Word docs with ease, runs perfect doc comparisons automatically, and more.

Works in any language

Agnostic platform allows organizations to build playbooks and/or negotiate contracts in any language (e.g., dual-column).

Reduces training hours

Trains your team everyday by producing exception tables, deviation guidance, and classic RAG reports on every new contract.

Captures data at scale

Pushes drafts back to your counterparty in Word and simultaneously captures analytics on your work product.

Repeatable ROI

Reduce time and risk.  On average:

contracts are reviewed by
Fortune 500 companies
minutes are spent redlining and negotiating a contract in Word
in enterprise legal cost can be reduced via DocJuris
*average hourly rate of $85 per in-house counsel; 75% reduction in contract negotiation time

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DocJuris collects and organizes negotiation data in a dynamic and easy-to-use playbook engine. Get started on day 1.


Upload or sync a contract and instantly collaborate, assess, and redline contracts against contract playbooks and previously negotiated clauses. Save two hours on every contract.

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Data-driven approach helps you iterate the playbook, track delivery of contract reviews, discover unknown trends, and more.

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