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DocJuris’ AI contract review software cuts cycle times, drives consistency, and delivers joy to your team.

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Pre-screen and negotiate contracts in alignment with playbooks and precedent.

Analytics driven contract collaboration software

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Learn what’s dragging negotiations/authoring and where your team is spending the most time and effort


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Visualize contracts through one lens using the most powerful authoring and automation tool on the market.


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A smarter, simpler contract solution.

Contract management tools and automation software

Discover the most powerful contract authoring software—learning from your past contracts, simplifying your present negotiations, and maximizing your team’s collaborations.

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Contract Playbook Template for Legal Negotiations

Download our free playbook template for negotiating any contract type from NDAs to complex MSAs. Automate your contract authoring!

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AI Contract Review Software

Learn how DocJuris AI empowers teams to negotiate contracts and enact precise edits with unmatched ease, all with the push of a button

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Contract Amendment Template

Download our industry-backed amendment template that covers everything you need to prepare, draft, and negotiate a contract amendment.

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Contract Management Software

CLM software shouldn't be complicated — download our guide on contract management tools and contract automation software to give your team the edge.

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Choose your cost-effective contract management tools.

Bring together everything your team needs and integrate with existingapps, CLMs, or homegrown contract management tools.

Leverage low-code automation via Zapier or Power Automate to builda contract process that works for you.

Driving value across your business.

DocJuris empowers legal and business teams in the contract negotiation process. From third party contracts to edits to your form and RFPs, DocJuris’ end-to-end negotiation tools are designed for teams that need speed and precision.

  • Stop time-draining tasks
  • Collaborate with legal/finance
  • Empower AEs with first pass review
  • No more Word docs
  • Capture data on bottlenecks
  • Consistency with playbooks

"I can review a sales contract in 8 minutes on DocJuris"

Senior Counsel
FARO Technologies

DocJuris is next generation contract management software that's focused on contract authoring and automation.

  • The fastest contract authoring tool for negotiators
  • Reduce negotiation risks early
  • Optimize redlining tasks
  • Audit outside counsel spend
  • Reduce paralegal/associate training hours

“When it comes to drafting and redlining, they've thought of everything”

General Counsel

DocJuris empowers new procurement teams and with technology that streamlines indirect and direct purchasing contracts while maintaining open collaboration with stakeholders at all stages.

  • Bring in costs and optimize stakeholder collaboration
  • Streamline contract processes across departments
  • Know what stage contracts are in
  • Leverage historical examples to move projects forward
  • Initiate re-negotiations consistently

“The user experience makes our indirect purchasing process 10x better”

Indirect Procurement Manager

Success Stories

As a legal department of one, I appreciate

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Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum

As a legal department of one, I appreciate that it automatically names the documents according to the turn being completed. Version control is never an issue with DocJuris.

Invnt Group
Invnt Group
Michael R.
General Counsel

DocJuris makes redlining agreements much easier because you can easily review redlines, make changes, and generate a document to return.

Joseph K.

Streamlined my reviews and reduced my workload, thereby allowing me to work on other high visibility projects.

Hudson Trading
Hudson Trading
Imran F.
Senior Counsel

Alternatives lack the true A.l. Intelligence.

Johnston Equipment
Johnston Equipment
Many M.
Contracts Manager

I can review a sales contract in 8 minutes!

Faro Technologies
Faro Technologies
Sara C.
Senior Counsel

Implemented Doc Juris as their artificial intelligence contract review tool to speed up negotiations.


DocJuris frees up more resources on legal teams to focus and support the business on emerging legal needs.

Kristi Thompson
Deputy General Counsel
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