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Streamline negotiation of any contract, prepare redlines with precision, and empower your team with dynamic contract playbooks.

How itĀ Works

Contract Review Software

DocJuris provides an elegant platform to review, redline, and negotiate low and high risk contracts. On average, Fortune 500 companies review and negotiate 5,000+Ā contracts annually.

That adds up to 25,000+ hours spent redlining, comparing, and tracking contracts with thousands of unproductive hours lost.

Contract Negotiation SoftwareContract Redlining

How It Works

Get to signature quickly and accurately.


DocJuris configures your contract negotiation tactics and strategies into a powerful playbook engine along side your existing templates.


Upload or sync a contract against the playbook, and instantly prepare redlines, comments and comparisons - all in an elegant and easy-to-use interface.

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Settlement Agreement

Data-driven approach helps you iterate the playbook, track delivery of contract reviews, discover unknown trends, and more.

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Quick Wins

Optimize internal time, decrease spend, and reduce contract risks.

contracts per year
minutes spent reviewing, redlining, commenting, and negotiating a contract today
reduction in enterprise legal cost through optimizations via DocJuris
*average hourly rate of $85 per in-house counsel; 75% reduction in contract negotiation time

"More consistent contract review in a fraction of the time"

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"DocJuris greatly assists in improving contract negotiation skills and the eventual outcomes"

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"It's clear that DocJuris was built by lawyers"

Iterate, improve, and optimize your corporate contract knowledge.
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DocJuris helps contract reviewers and negotiators focus on what matters most.

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