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"DocJuris has let me empower my executives and non-lawyer departments to handle more of their own contracting and it has allowed me to bring new folks up to speed on our Company policies and goals much faster."

Stefano D.
General Counsel / Oil & Gas

"The supposed alternates are not the same - they are CONTRACT CYCLE MANAGEMENT Software that claim to have addon's to help review contracts, but are limited to review/recognition of words, but lack the A.I. intelligence to build. The ability to keep building history and easily track what position was take in previous similar situations helps to save time and keeps responses consistent."

Mandy M.
Contracts Manager / Warehousing

"I appreciate that it automatically names the documents according to the turn being completed. Version control is never an issue with DocJuris."

Michael R.
General Counsel / Events Services

"Awesome experience, and it has streamlined my reviews and reduced my workload, thereby allowing me to work on other high visibility projects."

Imran F.
Senior Business Operations Attorney