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How Flex Slashed Contract Review Time from 8 Days to 5 Minutes with DocJuris AI and Won the ACC Value Champion Award

In an era of innovation, legal and business teams must continually search for ways to streamline their operations and generate value. Flex, a global leader in supply chain solutions, recently made a groundbreaking stride in contract management by adopting DocJuris AI.

How Flex Slashed Contract Review Time from 8 Days to 5 Minutes with DocJuris AI and Won the ACC Value Champion Award
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What began with a focus on Non-Disclosure Agreements soon expanded to tackle more complex supply chain agreements, resulting in a reduction in overall review turnaround time from eight days to five minutes.  

ACC Value Champions

This remarkable achievement garnered Flex and DocJuris an accolade from the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and is setting a new standard in contract management. ACC, the largest global network of in-house legal professionals, honored Flex and DocJuris with the 2023 Value Champion Award. This recognition is exclusively reserved for a select few technology providers who bring groundbreaking innovation to legal operations and enhancement to the in-house legal profession.  

The Power of AI in Contract Review

DocJuris credits the success of this collaboration to the innovative approach they took in understanding Flex's contract negotiation processes. Instead of relying on lawyers to painstakingly comb through contracts line by line with redlines and comments, DocJuris empowered Flex to screen contracts for risks and problematic clauses, providing a summary of issues for lawyers to address and analyze, all in less than 5 minutes. This approach shifted the traditional path of jumping into ‚Äúredlining‚ÄĚ and enabled the team to perform reviews in a fraction of the time.

To read more about the award, visit the ACC Value Champion Page here, or read our press release here.

‚ÄćDocJuris AI as a Catalyst for Change

Flex's' journey in revolutionizing contract review is not just a testament to the power of AI; it also highlights the potential for AI to augment legal processes without diminishing the crucial human element.

In an era where business agility is paramount, DocJuris emerges as a beacon for organizations aiming to streamline their contract review processes. Gone are lengthy reviews that span days, if not weeks. With DocJuris, not only do organizations save invaluable time, but they also significantly reduce the inherent risks associated with manual contract reviews.  

The future of contract reviews is undeniably leaning towards efficiency and precision, and DocJuris is at the forefront of this evolution. Its ability to condense what was once a daunting days-long task into just a few minutes is revolutionary. And it's not just about speed; the platform ensures meticulousness and reduces oversights, which in turn minimizes potential risks for businesses.  

In leveraging DocJuris, organizations are not merely adopting a tool; they are embracing a smarter, faster, and safer approach to contract reviews.  

The question isn't if your organization needs DocJuris, but rather, can you afford to be without it?

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