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Executive Employment Agreement Playbook Template

In the modern business world, attracting, acquiring and retaining top talent is paramount to success. Entering executive employment agreements aligns incentives, minimizes risk of misunderstandings, serves as a recruitment tool  and creates structures for companies  to build successful teams.

Issue & Concept List
  • Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Bonuses, Stock and Stock Option Grants
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Liability Protection
  • IP Invention and Assignment
  • Tax Considerations
  • Non-Competition
  • Non-Solicitation
  • Termination and Severance


Executive Employment Agreement Playbook Template

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When top talent is involved, employment contracts are subject to heavy negotiation. Here are the key issues to look out for.
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How it Works

DocJuris was built ground-up with contract redlining in mind. Practitioner focused tools that value HI > AI.

Empower legal, sales, and procurement

State-of-the-art contract editor allows teams to collaborate and edit contracts in track-changes, all in the web. Bring contracts in and out of CLM or existing systems through our APIs.

Reduce risk in negotiations

Each contract review is paired with a knowledge pane consisting of policies, playbooks, and precedent. DocJuris provides suggested revisions and allows users to one-click redline contracts.

Stop time-draining tasks

Teams can redline PDFs and Word docs with less friction, and DocJuris runs helpful comparisons automatically together with insights against your playbook, checklist, and more.

Risk and Language Agnostic

DocJuris is a risk-agnostic platform allows organizations to build playbooks and/or negotiate contracts that are high risk or in any language (e.g., dual-column). It's not just NDAs.

Reduces training hours

DocJuris accelerates training by producing exception tables, deviation guidance, and classic RAG reports on every new contract. Legal and procurement/sales teams work smarter.

Captures data at scale

Teams can push scrubbed drafts back to counter parties in Word while simultaneously capturing analytics on  work product. Managers can then leverage data to refactor strategies.