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Joint Venture Agreement Playbook

In our rapidly changing world ripe with many new potential opportunities, joint ventures can be successfully crafted to develop products and solutions in shorter time frames for mutual benefit.  A joint venture playbook will help your organization emphasize the advantages of gaining new insights and expertise, better access to resources, sharing of risks and costs, flexibility, and building relationships and networks while avoiding common pitfalls i.e. vague objectives, lack of equal involvement in relationship, lack of planning, culture clashes, and lack of exit opportunities.

Issue & Concept List
  • Scope and Purpose/Corporate Opportunities
  • Contributions' Valuation
  • Contingency Planning
  • Exit Strategies
  • Equity Structure
  • Allocation, Distribution and Liquidation Preferences
  • Pre-Emptive and Voting Rights
  • IP Rights
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Executive Employment Agreement Playbook Template

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When top talent is involved, employment contracts are subject to heavy negotiation. Here are the key issues to look out for.

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