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An All New Redlining and Negotiation Experience

We're thrilled to announce a big upgrade! DocJuris continues to innovate as a cloud-first contract negotiation workspace for legal, procurement, and sales teams.

An All New Redlining and Negotiation Experience
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Contract Editing Experience

In addition to co-authoring and a revamped commenting experience, DocJuris now analyzes and redlines high-stakes contracts including 200+ page PDFs and other complex contracts. Simply upload a contract, and DocJuris analyzes it against your playbook, loads relevant historical precedent, and empowers teams to mark-up and negotiate terms in a collaborative, web-based experience.

On average, teams save 2+ hours on every negotiation, drastically reduce training efforts and retraining exercises, streamline contract playbooks, and prevent cash-training risks with increased accuracy.

Contract Management API

We're also excited to announce an agnostic CLM API that integrates into contract management platforms. Teams can now upgrade workflows and send contracts to and from DocJuris in an elegant, web-based experience. Our API documentation and integration framework is currently invite-only - please reach out here to learn more.

Other big improvements include:

  • 300+ clause connectors and growing (e.g., force majeure to data privacy)
  • Table compatibility
  • Playbook import via Excel
  • AI-powered spellcheck enhancements
  • Shortcut keys

Finally, a big thank you to all of our customers and users for the continuous feedback loop. We love working with all of you to improve the platform. There's still much more ahead.

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