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Launch Contract Negotiation Software and Playbooks in 2020

Picture it: Houston, 1969. Teams of people are working around the clock to send three people to the moon in modules with less computing powers than the smartphones we carry around in our pockets. How did they pull it off?

Launch Contract Negotiation Software and Playbooks in 2020
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When we think about the first moon landing, we usually think of the three men who walked on the moon. In reality, there were 400,000 people working together across the nation to make the moon landing happen.

That’s 400,000 people who had to be in communication with each other and understand how their individual roles connected to the large overall goal of landing Apollo 11 on the moon.

As Dr. Kathy Sullivan, the first woman to walk in space, says, “The conversation really matters. Converse means exchange with. It does not mean transmit at. That's how you get new thinking. The only thing any of us can do completely on our own is to have the start of a good idea” (Michael Lewis, The Fifth Risk).

In order to connect with team members that stretch from the moon to all ends of the U.S., you need to have effective communication and tools to get the job done. That holds true in all fields, but perhaps none so clearly as the field of law.

What modern tools is your team using today to collaborate more effectively?

A Better Method of Engagement for Modern Legal Teams

Legal teams and contract review processes today lack engagement and insight. Even though we spend days in communication with each other, data is lost and we often fail to communicate. How do we develop tools that can accelerate our day-to-day into repeatable, defined workflows? There’s consistent miscommunication and disorganization as we transmit at each other instead of converse through email, redlines/comments in Word documents, and hard-to-deciphers spreadsheets in Excel.

There is a better way.

DocJuris for improved workflow and engagement

Contract negotiation and redlining software from DocJuris can improve team communication and bring engagement back into your conversations. Instead of using multiple methods of communication and dealing with the seemingly endless back and forth of redlined Word documents,your legal team can have one engagement/workflow engine that provides a single source of truth for your firm or department.

With real-time updates, everyone on your team can know the most up-to-date status of a document or contract negotiation strategy across any contract type. Teams that can share ideas in real-time are ready for liftoff, and the sky is their limit!

Confidence is everything.

Benefits of DocJuris' contract review software

From creating an actionable and effective contract template and playbook for you to streamlining communication, DocJuris is a purpose-built software that has everything your legal team needs to effectively engage with each other and reach its full potential.

Save time on negotiations

DocJuris software saves teams two hours on every negotiation and de-risks contracts before you get signatures. The data you have will improve and inform negotiations, as everyone in the firm will have access to the same data.

Dynamic redlining

You’ll experience dynamic redlining at your fingertips with DocJuris contract redlining software and can end the confusion of Word documents forever.

Instant playbook training and setup

Instead of spending weeks putting together a playbook from scratch, use DocJuris to get instant playbook training and setup for your team.

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