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Top 10 Reasons to Choose DocJuris Over Alternate Word Plugins

In many cases, Word plugins can actually make employees less efficient. Things that should be relatively easy and quick to do end up taking an extra half hour here or 20 minutes there. Teams get frustrated, and companies wonder why they invested in these plugins in the first place.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose DocJuris Over Alternate Word Plugins
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Anyone who uses Microsoft Word frequently knows that many plugins are available to optimize workflows. However, they also know that these plugins are rarely as easy to use as they sound.

If you’ve ever had to fight with a Word plugin, you know what we’re talking about.

Fortunately, there’s another solution to Word plugins that can give you the efficiency and accuracy you’re seeking without the hassle – DocJuris.

10 Reasons to Use DocJuris Instead of Word Plugins

Here are ten reasons why customers prefer using DocJuris instead of clunky Word plugins when they need a better way to work.

1. Drag and Drop Workflow

Sure, opening a Word document is easy. But that’s where the simplicity ends during contract review. It can take up to 10 clicks to compare Word documents and convert them to another format. That’s not exactly efficient or straightforward.

In contrast, DocJuris users can drag and drop an attachment straight from Outlook into DocJuris. This workflow converts PDFs and compares third-party contracts in less than three clicks.


2. Unified Format

Do you ever feel like Word is battling (and winning) a formatting war with you? You’re not imagining things. On average, contract professionals spend ~36 minutes fighting Word formatting. Some people can spend significantly longer, depending on the exact formatting issue.

DocJuris eliminates the formatting wars. When a document is loaded in DocJuris, we display contracts consistently using a unified font and style with 1.5 line height. This unformatted text space makes it 5x easier to read, copy and paste from anywhere, and export a perfectly formatted redline.

3. Excel Screening Reports

How long does it take to get a first-pass summary back from Legal? For many organizations, that process can take up to two weeks. Why wait weeks when you can get first-pass summarization in four minutes?

With DocJuris, users can email a contract or drop it into an intake form. DocJuris will instantly email back an Excel-based screening report. This simple move empowers self-service and lets Legal step back from first-pass review.

4. Automated Exception Tables/Amendments

Manually drafting amendments and exception tables can be extremely time-consuming. Word doesn’t have an option to automate this, but DocJuris does.

DocJuris will use data from markup to automatically create exception tables and amendments. This automation reduces the amount of time spent on these activities by at least two hours per contract.

5. Supplier Interface

Going back and forth with suppliers using Word can be a nightmare, especially if they don’t use track changes. DocJuris can reduce supply markups to your templates or second drafts on third-party paper by 43 percent.

With DocJuris, users can deliver drafts in a restricted editor that prevents suppliers from printing or making modifications with track changes off. This restricted editor interface increases document security, reduces redlines, and ensures version control integrity. The Word export option is always available as an escape latch.

6. Playbook Interface Challenges

Word wasn’t designed for easy playbook integration. As a result, it can be challenging to interact with a playbook in Word. For example, automatic scrolling and one-click adjustments average 3 — 5 clicks slower in Word than in DocJuris. Our playbook engine makes it easy to insert standard, canned comments in high-volume contracts.

7. Internal/External Commenting

It’s easy to accidentally leak internal comments when using track changes in a Word document. Using workflows (when available) internally inside the Word plugin pane can confuse users. DocJuris’s collaboration engine ensures that users can prevent internal comments from accidentally being sent to the counterparty.

Our commenting interface has a customization layer that sits on top, ensuring that internal comments remain internal and don’t accidentally get sent to the other side.

8. Line Item Automation

Getting line-item approvals is a challenge when working with contracts in Word. DocJuris lets users select provisions like a database of information and seek approvals using Power Automate and other workflow engines. The DocJuris platform integrates into over 2,000 applications, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow.

9. Clearer Versions and Markups

It’s challenging to manage version control and color themes across redlines coming in from the other side.

DocJuris has standardized incoming redlines and markups. This makes it significantly easier to compare, distinguish, show, and accept/reject changes across every version. We also allow users to use integrations to sync new drafts to a document management system, ensuring that everyone is always working from the same version.

10. Time Analytics

It can be nearly impossible for organizations to identify where time is spent in negotiations because Word is, unfortunately, where data goes to die.

DocJuris is the only company that delivers time-based analytics at a paragraph level on the frequency and time spent on negotiations across concepts. Our engine will empower your team to understand the focus areas and quickly identify how much time is spent on issues such as governing law vs. indemnification. This can allow you to decide where to focus your efforts on improving processes and reducing the overall time spent on contracts, if necessary.

Goodbye Word, Hello DocJuris

If you’ve been less than impressed with Word plugins for contract negotiations, it’s time for a change.

Companies have been using Word for decades because they thought it was their only option. While Word has many merits for specific tasks, contract review is not one of them.

DocJuris was designed with the end-user in mind. Our platform makes it easy for all stakeholders to redline contracts, evaluate comments, and come to an agreement without getting bogged down by a clunky interface.

See for yourself what sets DocJuris apart from Word plugins. Book a demo to see how DocJuris works and learn what it can do for your team.

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