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Contract Playbook Template

Download our free contract negotiation playbook template in Word and Excel for negotiating any contract type.

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Easily plug in contracting principles

After researching and discussing contract playbooks with over 250+ companies, we've created a contract negotiation playbook in Microsoft Word that combines the experience and techniques of over 500 in-house lawyers and legal ops professionals.

This streamlined template can be used to develop a negotiation guideline for virtually any transaction/contract type, complex or basic. We'd love for you to try it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch and why is DocJuris providing this template?

DocJuris is contract negotiation software that helps organize and configure playbooks that automatically edit contracts.  To that end, our platform model is designed to take ordinary playbooks to the next level. By using this simple playbook template, we hope you'll consider our technology down the road to improve your review process.

What’s a contract playbook?

Playbooks, also known as contract policies and guidelines, help frame your contract negotiation tactics and procedures.  We’ve discussed contract playbooks in our blog in the past as a very important practice for legal teams of all sizes.  Also, check out how to design a contract playbook and standard is less than two hours.

Why use a contract playbook?

Building guidelines and policies around contract review and your transactional practice will reduce risk, save time, and improve task execution.  Best of all, all members of a legal department can get involved, from Paralegals to Senior Counsel.  For businesses, it’s just common sense.  You need to know where you’ll bend and on what terms.  At DocJuris, we’re passionate about playbooks and how to best incorporate them into everyday review practices.  

Why are you also including an Excel file?

DocJuris can import an excel/csv to dynamically generate a playbook in the DocJuris platform. Please get in touch to discuss! We can assist as part of onboarding and implementation.

What if the template is incomplete?

Good question – because it is!  Contract playbooks in flat-file formats are inadequate and don’t integrate into the review process as they should.  DocJuris drastically improves playbooking and allows you to one-click negotiate your contracts quickly and effectively.

How it Works

Practitioner focused. HI > AI.

Empower legal, sales, and procurement

State-of-the-art contract editor allows teams to collaborate and edit contracts in track-changes, all in the web.

Reduce risk in negotiations

Each contract review is paired with a knowledge pane consisting of policies, playbooks, and precedent.

Stop time-draining tasks

Redlines PDFs and locked Word docs with ease, runs perfect doc comparisons automatically, and more.

Works in any language

Agnostic platform allows organizations to build playbooks and/or negotiate contracts in any language (e.g., dual-column).

Reduces training hours

Trains your team everyday by producing exception tables, deviation guidance, and classic RAG reports on every new contract.

Captures data at scale

Pushes drafts back to your counterparty in Word and simultaneously captures analytics on your work product.