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3 New Product Features from DocJuris

Here’s an overview of the three new features you can expect on the DocJuris platform as part of our recent release.

3 New Product Features from DocJuris
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Good contract management does more than save you headaches and frustration every time you need to redline, review, negotiate, and sign a contract—it also improves your company’s bottom line.

Research from World Commerce & Contracting finds that poor contract management can cost companies as much as nine percent of their annual revenue. That loss comes from slow negotiations, missed milestones, and disorganized processes, including losing contracts. In fact, another study found that 71 percent of businesses admitted to being unable to locate up to 10 percent of their contracts.

We know how frustrating a slow contract negotiation and review process is for you and your clients. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no excuse for missing out on nine percent of your annual revenue or losing contracts entirely. That’s why we’re committed to delivering streamlined software that makes reviewing and redlining contracts as efficient as possible for you and the third parties you work with.

 Part of delivering the best product includes making updates and adding features that help you with every step of the contract negotiation process. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the June 202 release of new product features from DocJuris! Say goodbye to clunky processes and hello to your new favorite way to negotiate contracts.

New in 2021: Better Navigation, Playbook Groups, and Excel Screening Reports

In this release, we have significantly improved contract and playbook navigation by introducing tabs and groups. Additionally, contract screening reports can now be exported directly to Excel in the app and via our API.

Here’s an overview of the three new features you can expect on the DocJuris platform as part of our recent release.

New Pane / Tabs

When you’re in the middle of contract reviews, it can be a challenge to flip back and forth between historical precedent, defined terms, and playbooks. Our new release solves this problem, making tab navigation more effortless than ever.

Playbook Groups

Many organizations have found success organizing their playbooks, whether by risk level, function, or a higher-level description. With this new release, you can add groups to a playbook, which will show up during contract reviews.

Excel Screening Reports

Previous versions of DocJuris allowed you to generate printable screening reports. With the June release, you can continue to create printable reports. You also have the additional option to export screening reports to a formatted Excel file that is easily accessible via DocJuris’s API.

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With each new feature, we’re helping businesses increase their revenue and decrease the amount of time they waste on contract review. We know you’re going to love these new features as much as we do! If you haven’t tried DocJuris yet, what are you waiting for?

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