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Amendments Webinar

With this week's news on DocJuris Amendments and its rapid early adoption, we're hosting a live demo and Q&A session. You'll learn how to (1) cut time-draining activities out of the contract redlining and negotiation process, (2) empower teams with dynamic playbooks and automated amendment generation, and (3) integrate the tools your team uses today to enable better contract workflow. Click below to register.

Amendments Webinar
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Automating Amendments

The biggest challenge with contract review and negotiation is the sheer number of steps and time draining activities involved. With amendments, there's no shortage of pain points. This past week, we launched DocJuris Amendments, a first-of-its-kind tool that eliminates amendment drafting.

Key Learnings

In the first few days of its launch, we learned how amendment automation reduces drafting time by 45-minutes, and we explored various use cases including exception tables and contract acknowledgement letters.

We also learned:

  • How contract lawyers and professionals draft markups first, and follow-up with an amendment draft ‚ÄĒ effectively duplicating the amount of work
  • How amendments are difficult to self-serve due to complexity and legalese
  • How organizations outsource or build dedicated teams just for contract amendments


We're hosting a webinar to discuss a few of these learnings and also demo the DocJuris platform. We'll cover and learn how to:

  • Decrease time and risk on contract negotiations
  • Collaborate effectively on contract review
  • Automate processes with contract workflows that work with your existing systems and tools
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