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August 2021 Product Update

The DocJuris team is constantly working behind the scenes to improve our product and make it more accessible to our users. In August 2021, our improvements will ensure your team can edit a playbook in real-time during a live contract review and omit a section while preserving section references and survivability clauses.

August 2021 Product Update
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Product Team

While playbooks can be significantly helpful to use during contract redlining, they can also be a pain to keep up to date. That’s why we have recently launched features designed to help you keep your playbooks updated without getting bogged down in the details.

New in August: Real-Time Playbook Editing & Section Deletion and Select Multiple Section

With our latest features launch, authorized authors and admins can edit a playbook in real-time during a live contract review. This new way of updating playbooks is more agile. It gives teams the flexibility they need to continuously improve the playbook in their day-to-day work instead of “waterfalling” the improvements.

We have also upgraded contract editing with multi-section capabilities. This can speed up the process of redlining a contract and allow you to move through contract negotiations faster without sacrificing accuracy.

Here’s a little more about these two new features and how they’ll improve your workflow every time you use DocJuris.

Real-Time Playbook Editing

Playbooks are not static documents. Instead, they are living documents that adapt and evolve as you gain new information or experience a change in need.

When you work on a contract review, you might have thoughts on improving a playbook as they come up, especially if there’s a new provision or an update to an existing one that is learned in real-time. You may also run into the scenario where you need to update a playbook as you are getting started with it and your work or testing is evolving.

With both of these situations, you can now make real-time edits in DocJuris when the playbook is being used during contract analysis. Simply click on the “edit” icon after expanding an issue.

Note that this new feature is for making more minor real-time edits. If you want to do a more robust round of editing your full playbook, you’ll need to access the playbook from your dashboard.

Section Deletion & Select Multiple Sections

You have already been able to mark specific sections as “intentionally omitted” in DocJuris. This feature omits a section while preserving section references and survivability clauses.

However, sometimes sections need to be deleted entirely, not just omitted. With this new feature, you can click on the down arrow next to the “x” icon to take action to delete a section. If multiple sections need to be deleted, use the checkbox to the left of each section.

This new feature can be a time-saver when you are doing a total rewrite of several sections or when you have multiple sections that you know you will not need.

If you later decide that you want those deleted sections after all, simply click “undo,” located to the right of a deleted section.

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