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New Milestone! 150+ Clause Types for Building Playbooks

DocJuris' strength is empowering teams to build smarter playbooks for any contract or clause type. Second, DocJuris integrates playbooks into the contract review, redlining, and drafting experience. Today, we're excited to announce a new milestone: we've cataloged, tested, and launched 150+ clause types in DocJuris' playbooking engine.

New Milestone! 150+ Clause Types for Building Playbooks
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How it Works

Tagging a clause type from our catalog while configuring a playbook in DocJuris instantaneously makes your playbook "smarter." DocJuris' contract analyzer will identify clauses in any contract type being reviewed and provide one-click feedback to the reviewer.  For example, once you've tagged "force majeure" in your playbook, DocJuris will find the force majeure clause in any contract you review every time and will provide your guidance in a unified, streamlined experience.

Clause Types

The clause catalog in DocJuris is primarily focused on provisions that are the subject of frequent negotiation. These include familiar concepts such as:

  • Indemnity
  • Warranties
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Choice of Law
  • etc.

However, in addition to the more common legal issues, we also dug deeper and configured more granular issues:

  • Specific Performance
  • Right of First Refusal / Most Favored Nations
  • Escrow
  • Express Negligence
  • etc.

The result: playbooks for most contract types across any industry can be built out of the box using DocJuris' playbooking tool.


Although the clause set is a powerful way to configure common clause types, we've also left room for users to be able to build a custom clause type to address more nuanced concerns. For example, catastrophic loss, specific reps/warranties, industrial loss concerns, or special standards of care in a specific region.  Finally, you can use the customization engine to build a clause type library in any language. That includes Spanish, French, German, and even languages that use special characters (e.g., Chinese languages).

To learn more about DocJuris' smart playbook system, please reach out to us below or at hello[at]docjuris.com.

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