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DocJuris Debuts 'Precedent': A New Leap in AI-Powered Contract Review

Reflecting on past contract negotiations? DocJuris launches Precedent, a trailblazing addition to DocJuris’ award-winning contract review platform. Precedent revolutionizes how legal, procurement, and sales close deals. With a single click, DocJuris AI now reveals valuable insights and efficiently marks up contracts, utilizing a blend of templates, past markups, and finalized agreements.

DocJuris Debuts 'Precedent': A New Leap in AI-Powered Contract Review
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The Power of Precedent

Precedent answers the oft-asked question, “What did we do last time?”. Building upon the success of DocJuris AI, Precedent empowers teams to navigate the intricacies of contract language seamlessly throughout various stages of the contract workflow. As a result, with Precedent at the helm, users can now pinpoint and leverage relevant contract language with context and precision.

Streamlining the Contract Review Process

Precedent is seamlessly integrated into the overall DocJuris platform and uses permission-based profiles. Its synergy with DocJuris’ gen AI functionality, for instance, allows authorized users to instantly apply successful negotiation strategies from previous contracts with the push of a button, all in perfectly formatted track changes.

Using previous contract markups to automatically redline with contract review AI
Markup contracts in a few clicks, directly from precedent

Benefits Across the Contract Lifecycle

The advantages of Precedent extend across the entire contract lifecycle management (CLM) workflow. Users can conduct research and extract insights from their company's complete corpus of contracts, construct contract playbooks, and democratize access to collective knowledge with just a few keystrokes. The result is an accelerated negotiation process, where contracts are marked up and managed faster than ever, allowing legal, procurement, and sales teams to focus on strategy and substance.

Contract review AI training
Research and use clauses across your contract lifecycle to improve playbooks

Seamless Onboarding

The onboarding process for Precedent is designed to be straightforward, allowing users to integrate it into their workflow without the need for complex and expensive implementation. In collaboration with DocJuris' customer success team, new users can easily feed Precedent with historical data, empowering organizations to hit the ground running.

Access to Innovation

DocJuris remains committed to making this powerful tool accessible to all users, reinforcing its dedication to eliminating surprise fees. Every customer, regardless of their plan, can now benefit from the full capabilities of Precedent.  

With the launch of Precedent, DocJuris reaffirms its position as a frontrunner in contract analysis software, continuing to equip professionals with cutting-edge tools to navigate the evolving landscape of AI and contracting.  

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