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DocJuris Launches AI Contract Review Software That Negotiates Edits With the Push of a Button

What if the tedious task of contract review could be transformed into a simple, streamlined, and enjoyable process? We’ve made this possible with DocJuris AI — our new, cutting-edge AI contract review software that securely negotiates edits with the push of a button.

DocJuris Launches AI Contract Review Software That Negotiates Edits With the Push of a Button
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DocJuris today unveils its cutting-edge AI contract review software, designed to help users negotiate contracts and enact precise edits with unmatched ease, all with the push of a button.

Value Generation

This groundbreaking technology marks a transformative shift in traditional contract management. With a simple checklist, DocJuris applies markups to contracts with just one click, bringing average reviews times from 8 days to 5 minutes whether you are working on complex 200-page RFPs, third party contracts, redlines to template or simple agreements like NDAs.

With DocJuris AI your team can:

  • Handle more volume with less
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Cut outside counsel costs

DocJuris AI has the ability to read your playbook - with a mouse click and about 5 seconds, DocJuris will abstract the content of your playbook and automatically recommend changes to agreements in a surgical way that adapts to the flow of the clause. No training and no complex tagging is necessary for this to work. All you need is a playbook and DocJuris AI takes care of the rest!

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Capabilities

DocJuris AI elevates your contract management experience by integrating seamlessly with our existing suite of features, including dynamic playbooks, automated amendments, and exception tables. This powerful combination accelerates contract reviews and ensures consistency across all your contracts.

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