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Using Low Code Automation for Contract Management

End-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems are often inefficient and imperfect. CLM systems are large, expensive implementations that take significant time and effort to use effectively. They also often include more bells and whistles than you need, which can cause confusion and lead to an increase in costs for nothing in return.

Using Low Code Automation for Contract Management
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Using Low-Code Automation to Streamline Contracts

What if there's a better way to manage contracts? What if you don't need to procure a kitchen-sink solution that does everything adequately but nothing particularly well?

Enter low-code automation software.

Low-code automation is the next big thing in enterprise software. As the name implies, low-code automation software requires very little coding knowledge to allow anyone to use specific tools even if they don't know how to code. Instead of going through a long process of contacting IT for support, creating a ticket, and waiting for the task to be complete, you can just go in and handle whatever task needs to be done yourself.

Low-Code Automation for Contracts

Contract review automation doesn't need to be complicated. Instead of working with bulky software, pick solutions that work well with your team.

With the rise of low-code automation platforms like Zapier and Power Automate, organizations can streamline contract processes using best-in-class tools that are consumer-grade and easy to use. DocJuris integrates with low-code automation platforms to facilitate the contract negotiation process.

For example, here's how your workflow might look using DocJuris if you're on Office 365:

  • Create a request on Microsoft Forms
  • Route to SharePoint
  • Ping notification to Teams
  • Create a contract for negotiation in DocJuris
  • Update an item in Dynamics

Here's how your workflow may look if you use a number of other tools that are Zapier friendly:

  • Create a request on Typeform
  • Route that request to AirTable
  • Negotiate the contract in DocJuris and route attachments
  • Create an e-signature request
  • Ping Slack
  • Update Salesforce

Pros and Cons of Low-Code Automation for Contracts

Like anything, there are benefits and drawbacks to using low-code automation for contract negotiations.


Firms of all sizes can benefit from low-code automation in a few different ways.

  • Highly customizable with low implementation fees
  • Multiple point solutions that work well together at a low cost point
  • Broader adoption that allows end-users to work where they're used to working instead of learning an entirely new platform


For most firms, the benefits of low-code automation outweigh the disadvantages. However, it's still important to be aware of some of the challenges of using low-code automation software.

  • More solutions to manage
  • Users need to understand their requirements
  • Must stay on top of security protocols to mitigate risks

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