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Automating Contract Workflow in Project Management

Overview of Project Management Apps in the Context of the Contract Review Process

Strengths of Project Management

  • Project Management Applications like Trello, Asana,, Jira, ClickUp, SharePoint, and Podio allow for asynchronous project management across the world.
  • Contract review teams harness this technology to create efficient improvements for workflows to meet the demands of our increasingly rapidly evolving business world.
  • Project roadmaps, team management, task management, and progress can be tracked for greater precision allowing for early identification of bottlenecks and adaptive resource deployment.

Improving with Contract Review AI

  • As efficient as Project Management applications are, they still need to be linked to other applications to conduct the review process, traditionally Word-Processing applications.
  • Internal comments or approvals on contracts still have to added manually as tasks or subtasks, and users notified.
  • Using the different applications is disjointed, allowing for human error and increasing contract turn around / cycle time.

Automation and DocJuris

  • Project Management applications can be integrated with DocJuris through connectors like Zapier to seamlessly blend project management with the contract review process in real time.
  • As turns or internal comments are added in DocJuris, automation can create tasks, subtasks, or move contracts through predetermined processes within project management applications.
  • The end product is a more accurate and efficient workflow that merges with the DocJuris's cutting-edge, expert driven AI system for contract review.

Use Cases:

CLM use case

Use Case 1: A New Turn is Created and a Task or SubTask is Added to Project Management

  1. When a Turn is Created within DocJuris, a Task or Subtask can be created within Asana, Trello, etc.
  2. Contracts, historical redlines, and assessment reports can also be attached to the tasks or SubTask.

Use Case 2: A team member is tagged in an internal comment within DocJuris, and the comment with user tag is added as a Task or Subtask within Asana, Trello, etc.

  • If a new contract is added, it can be automatically downloaded to DocJuris, attached, and an assessment report generated.
  • Tasks can be added to the appropriate team's project roadmap containing both the original contract and the assessment report.
CLM use case
  • By using Zapier to connect DocJuris to any of the integrated Apps, complex automation can save your team time and improve process workflow accuracy.
  • If It is all automated, human error decreases.

Use Case 1: A New Turn is Added: Team Members Need to be Notified, an Action Log Created, the Contract Analyzed and Attached

  • When a new turn is added to DocJuris, you can have the contract automatically attached to tasks and emails.
  • The contract can then also be downloaded, analyzed, and the assessment report generated and attached to email and project management roadmaps.
  • Team members can be assigned to complete tasks within both the Project Management and Task Management Apps.
  • Notifications are sent to both phone and email.
  • Pertinent information can be added to a spreadsheet that acts as a built-in action or case history log.
  • All of this can be done with very minimum structure organization and with zero man-hours once automation is running.
  • Project managers can see exactly where the bottlenecks exist to best effectively manage resources, maintaining goals and deadlines.
  • Will add hyperlinks to other sub articles on use cases for each category mentioned.

Apps Needed for Complex Use Case

  • DocJuris
  • Zapier
  • Document Management App
  • Project Management App
  • Email + Phone
  • Task Management App
  • Spreadsheet App
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