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Using SharePoint Contract Management for Pre-Signature

Overview of Contract Management Software for SharePoint Integration with DocJuris

Strengths of SharePoint Integrations, or Other Team Collaboration Apps

  • SharePoint Contract Management Software use cases allow for teams to manage data, projects, and workflows through encrypted cloud-based web services, which has never been more vital as businesses transition to an ever-increasing level of remote based work.
  • Features of Contract Management Software SharePoint integrations include flexibility scalable for any business providing data storage, file management systems, and workflow management safely and reliably.
  • Teams use multi functionality access points for a variety of tasks for every point of internal and external communications generating one centralized internal system, but requires other apps and programs to supplement the process through a variety of platforms, from Contract Management Software to specialized communications apps.

SharePoint Functionality Improvements Through Automations with DocJuris

  • DocJuris, through Zapier and Power Automate, can seamlessly work in tandem as a key component with contract management software for SharePoint, and other apps, to create and maintain automated workflows.
  • SharePoint Contract Management Software integrations create automations that potentially save hundreds to thousands of man-hours with very little initial time investment, but are especially effective when coupled with the state-of-the-art expert driven AI system of DocJuris for contract analysis during the review process.
  • Automations incorporating the Contract Analyzer of DocJuris have a data driven, proven history of increased accuracy and efficiency, while decreasing human error that can change with the evolving landscape of Contract Management Software for SharePoint team needs.

Automation and DocJuris

  • Automations through DocJuris and SharePoint for Contract Management Software systems can recognize when a new client or contract request has been made, upload and analyze contracts, produce Screening Reports, attach the original contract and Screening Report to a predetermined file, add a line item in auditing or recordation spreadsheets, and notify all relevant team members.
  • Combining automations with DocJuris and other app Categories in addition to Team Collaboration (like Project Management or email) can save hundreds of man-hours a month, and are scalable to meet the needs from a small team to a large global conglomerate.

Use Cases:

CLM use case

Use Case 1: A New Turn is Added or a New Contract is Emailed Through SharePoint is sent to DocJuris for Expert Driven AI Contract Analysis

  1. A New Client, or Client Request is added to the SharePoint team application.
  2. An automation uploads the contract to DocJuris for expert driven AI contract analysis, producing a Screening Report.
  3. The Screening Report is attached with notifications to relevant team members to Salesforce, outlining next steps to ensure client satisfaction.

Use Case 2: SharePoint Uploads a New Contract, an Internal Comment is Mentioned, and a Spreadsheet Recordation and Activity Log in SharePoint is Updated

  1. As a new contract is uploaded to the SharePoint site, an automation uploads the contract into the expert system AI contract analyzer available to all DocJuris Users.
  2. A Screening Report is generated with all relevant information for contact review with internal comments for the review process.
  3. The Screening Report is attached with the original contract to the team SharePoint site, the Internal Comment and its meta data are added to a spreadsheet recordation and activity log.

CLM use case
  • By using Zapier to connect DocJuris to any of the integrated Apps, complex automation can save your team time and improve process workflow accuracy.
  • If It is all automated, human error decreases.

Use Case 1: A New Turn is Added and Team Members Need to be Notified, an Action Log Created, the Contract Analyzed and Attached with a Screening Report

  • When a New Turn is uploaded or added to DocJuris, the contract automatically attaches to tasks and emails.
  • Contracts are analyzed, and the Screening Report generated and attached to email and Project Management roadmaps.
  • Team members can be assigned to complete tasks within both the Project Management and Task Management Apps.
  • Notifications are sent to both phone and email.
  • Pertinent information can be added to a spreadsheet function as a built-in action or case history log.
  • All of this can be done with very minimum structure organization and zero man hours once automation is running.
  • Project managers can see exactly where the bottlenecks exist to best effectively manage resources maintaining goals and deadlines.

Apps Needed

  • DocJuris
  • SharePoint
  • Zapier
  • Document Management App
  • Project Management App
  • Email + Phone
  • Task Management App
  • Spreadsheet App

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